Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is a simple and convenient alternative to full windshield replacement in many cases. Our repair technicians can repair most windshield chips, nicks and small cracks.  Repairing the effected area will help prevent additional damage by a spreading crack, cosmetically the damage may also be less visible in after application.

Window film products vary in composition depend on their application and using the correct film for the job is crucial for a long lasting protection from the elements.

How windshield repair works

The process repairing your windshield involves injecting a certified clear liquid into the glass chip. Once the hole is fully filled, we uses special curing process to harden the liquid into a simulated glass.

How does the repair keep my windshield from cracking

As a low cost alternative to replacing the entire windshield, repairing reduce the chance of spreading by removing the air gap in the glass and returning it to a solid structure.

Guaranteed not to spread

Once we repair your rock chip, we guaranty it with a lifetime warranty not to spread.  If for some reason the break does continue to spread after the repair is applied, we will deduct the cost of the repair from the cost of a new windshield or your insurance deductible..

Will my insurance pay for the repair

In most cases a comprehensive auto insurance policy will cover 100% of the windshield repair cost with no out of pocket deductible on your part.  A quick call to your insurance agent can answer this question or we will be happy to call for you.